We control, measure and present results

It’s addictive to get results. Good results!

We create targeted advertising campaigns for  your different goals. Perform segmented A / B tests to ensure the most efficient message and the best conversions. Do an in-depth analysis of the metrics to report the best performances and analyze performance on a regular basis to be consistent with your brand objectives.

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 FB, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin Advertising

  • Monthly or biweekly planning of the Paid Media strategy;
  • Campaigns: Reach, Consideration and Conversion;
  • Different Formats – Pictures, Videos, Carousel, Presentation, Canvas;
  • Optimized targeting;
  • Advertising by auction
  • Payment by objective;
  • Measurement of results;
  • Concise and direct reports.


  • We get and measure results on going;
  • Creation of valuable audiences for the brand;
  • Objectives: Increase community, Generate Leads, Interaction, Reach, Loyal Customers, bring customers to Stores and Generate Sales;
  • Fixed and controlled budgets;
  • Flexibility;
  • Strong Mobile presence;
  • Sell more and faster;
  • Full performance control.